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This page will have photos and information showing previous exhibits we had in the Museum. It will be on-going as I get more information.

July 2014; We have just changed exhibits again, from the Lino we have gone to Spelthorne in the First World War.

The History of Staines Lino
An exhibition to mark the 150th Anniversary of the Invention of Linoleum and its Manufacture in Staines

This exhibit showed photographs and information of the Lino which was probably the largest manufacturer in Staines, and stood where the Two River's shopping Centre is now. It is commemorating the 150th Anniversary of the invention of Linoleum by Frederick Walton, and his manufacturing of it in Staines. The Exhibit was researched and created by the former Curator of the Spelthorne Museum for 15 years, Ralph Parsons and Nick Pollard

Ralph opened the Exhibit

This exhibit was in the Museum until June 2014

Frederick Walton the manufacturer and inventor of Linoleum,
with a drawing of the Lino factory in Staines behind him.

I then have a few photos.

Don Burt, MBE with his exhibit 'Before the Memories Fade', from 2013. The Exhibit was about the Boys Brigade.


The way we were in 1952. To commemorate the Coronation of the Queen.

Photograph of the Famous People of Spelthorne Exhibit in January 2013

A small exhibit of bottles that were made in Staines.
This exhibit closed in 2013.



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